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Company Profile

NY Container Specialist Sendirian Berhad (NYC) specializes in refurbishing reefer containers. We also manufacture cabins and reefer containers mounted onto trucks. Having been in business since year 2000, we understand the market requirements and expectations of different and diverse end users. We refurbish used reefer containers and tailor-make them to customers’ specifications and either sell outright or lease them out at customers’ site. Up to date, we have sold no less than 400 units of such containers nationwide in Malaysia.
Unlike other ordinary containers, reefer containers are bought or leased for the cold room facilities they provide. Understanding this critical customers’ need factor and to support our strong commitment to customers’ satisfaction, we have a dedicated team of technicians in West Malaysia servicing and maintaining these reefer containers. We also have exported reefer containers, inter-alia, to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand and Mauritius.
In today’s competitive business environment, meeting customers’ high expectations and end users’ specific design features at the lowest possible cost is a challenge we take seriously at NYC. The many repeat orders and recommended leads by our existing pool of customers is a resounding strong testimony to our high customers’ satisfaction and we achieve it by not cutting corners but through our forte: ingenuity, creativity, dedication and quality control.
Selected used containers from the shipping industry that fits our stringent requirements are acquired after being inspected by our team of highly trained and competent personnel. The specially selected and meticulously refurbished reefer containers will, after refurbishing, look and perform to users’ own defined expectations on use, purpose and performance. Our products are so popular in West Malaysia that they are almost ubiquitous. Just move around and you cannot help but notice plying North and South of Peninsular Malaysia, the many refurbished reefer containers mounted on trucks with its own separate electric generator set, designed and constructed exclusively by NYC. You will also notice the many cabins and dry containers at construction sites and vacant factory lots, housing construction and factory workers.